Workshops and Trainings

Our workshops and trainings address some of the most serious justice issues of our time and explores issues facing marginalized and under resourced communities. These trainings help develop individuals to be wise, adaptive practitioners who thoughtfully engage justice issues from a restorative standpoint. The Jewish concept “Tikkum Olam” of mending the world through acts of kindness undergirds the experiential leaning process of the trainings. The arc of the moral universe bends towards justice, and our participants will learn how to bend the arc and find their place within all of creation’s redemption story.

Criminal Justice Reform: A Restorative Vs. Punitive Justice Theological Mindset, & Restorative Justice Practices.

This course will look at the U.S. Criminal Justice System, systemic racism, mass incarceration, private prisons, inhumane prison practices such as solitary confinement. This course will also look to policy, diversion courts and restorative justice practices that can radically change the U.S.’s incarceration rate which currently is the highest in the world. This workshop will also look at the definitions of Biblical “punitive” versus “restorative” justice.

Women’s Empowerment: Marginalized Women, Gender Equality, Societal Flourishing

A look at marginalized women both locally and globally. There are many issues that affect women disproportionately including human trafficking, war and conflict, and displacement as well as gender based violence such as rape as a weapon of war, femicide, sexual assault, sex selected abortion and female infanticide. Health issues that affect women disproportionately are malnutrition, and vulnerability to HIV Aids. Other issues women face globally are the ‘wage gap,’ and laws forbidding land ownership, lack of educational opportunities, access to menstrual sanitation, a lack of legal protection against violence, a lack of access to maternal health care, fistula care, public health care and mental health care. The workshop will examine the root causes of systemic gender inequality, reforms and policies to confront inequality, the theology of equality and it will explore the proven statistical data that shows that when women thrive so do families, communities and societies.

Rebuilding the City of God: Working Alongside Marginalized Communities for a More Fair and Just Society

The inner cities of America have suffered from systemic injustice including segregation, red lining, white flight, food deserts, gentrification/displacement and mass incarceration. This course will look at how to engage communities in the inner cities with a decolonized lens, and will focus on relational equity, public education, urban revitalization without gentrification, food justice. Looking at traditional forms of toxic charity that have harmed individuals in under resourced communities and how to begin to shift focus to community development and empowerment as well as aid. There will be a focus on how to decolonize compassion and avoid ‘saviorism’ which can be harmful and detrimental to marginalized communities, and how to be an ally to people in marginalized communities

Peacebuilding, Reconciliation and Transitional Justice: Dealing with Inequality and a Legacy of Injustice to Ensure Real Peaceful Co-Existence after Conflict/Atrocity

This course will look at the theory and practice of conflict resolution, politics of peace and human rights, macro power dynamics, mediation skills and social reconciliation in the aftermath of armed conflict and atrocity in the forms of transitional and restorative justice. This workshop will look at causes and consequences of armed conflict, with a view to understand how to work towards a positive peace, how to align power dynamics symmetrically with a focus on human rights. The workshop will focus on institutional reform, inter-generational trauma, genetic memory, reparations, and commemoration.

Race Equality: Systemic Racial Injustice, Ethnocentric Paradigms, and Racial Conciliation

A look at racial justice values and asymmetrical power dynamics. This workshop will discuss racism, color-blindness, the dimensions of racism including micro racism, structural racism, implicit bias, privilege, and ethnocentric paradigms. Also, it will discuss systemic racism such as slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, white flight, redlining, gerrymandering, the war on drugs, mass incarceration and over policing communities of color. This workshop will teach on how to talk about race constructively, understand intergenerational trauma and genetic memory, and gain tools for dialogue and for counteracting racial bias in praxis. Ultimately, this course will look at understanding racial equity, equality, diversity and inclusion and building a fair more just society for all.

Embodied Faith & Holistic Justice: Integrated Faith in Action

Embodied faith takes place through community rhythms and ancient spiritual practices that ground the heart, mind and soul for an integrated faith and missional life. Such practices include hospitality & meals, which have roots in broader Mediterranean hospitality practices. The ancient custom of hospitality was centered around the practice of welcoming strangers or travelers into one’s home. Liturgy and Eucharist centric worship practices help move us past just “correct” beliefs, or behavior modification into the Eternal presence that brings transformation body, spirit and soul. Contemplative prayer and meditation are all practices to help calm the mind in our busy world which allows us to hear from God and experience the Presence. There are over 600 Scriptures in the Bible about knowing, defending and serving the poor and oppressed; social activism is a part of an integrated holistic faith.

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